Building Automation and HVAC Business



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Greater Toronto Area

- Overview: B2B full-service Building Automation, Mechanical Contracting and Facilities Management business

- History: Founded 40+ years ago

- Operations: Is on the preferred vendor list for many government entities, school boards, universities, municipalities, hospitals, public and private corporations across Canada

- Community Memberships: Is a member of local unions and trade associations

- Sticky Client Base: Loyal client base of approximately 100 active clients which leads to significant repeat business whilst nothing is spent on advertising

- Segmented Revenue: Revenue breakdown – Building Automation 58%, Mechanical Contracting 41% and Parts & Misc. 1% (FY 2021)

- Diversified Revenue Sources: No single client leads majority of business revenue every year

- Potential Growth: Huge opportunity to increase profits by bidding on additional jobs, expansion into ventilation and controls, industrial and mining sector

- Great Facilities: Operates from three different leased facilities across Canada with a total footprint of approximately 13,000 Sq. Ft

- Location: With several offices, business has operations in Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Montreal

- Financials: Last fiscal year Revenue of over $8.8M and Net Income of approximately $1.2M

- Growth Potential: Has a backlog on hand of over $6M as of May 2022

- Strong Contract History: Many contracts under service that span more than 15 years

- Competitive Advantage: Uses certain proprietary building automation systems that prohibit the clients from using other service providers

- Experienced Staff: Dedicated staff of 35+ employees

- Leadership: Current business owner’s role is executive & general management, including setting the strategic direction and providing the financial resources necessary to execute the business plan