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Construction Business Brokers

Seasoned Construction Business Brokers

When a construction business owner wants to sell their business, they can't merely rely on the window's sale sign. At this stage, they need the expertise of a seasoned business broker to locate and vet buyers. Likewise, business buyers looking to grow their investment portfolio depend on the business broker to facilitate the evaluation and buying process. This is where we come into the picture.  

Whether you're at the seller's end of the construction business spectrum or the buyer's end, we can help you achieve your target. We have the experience and skills to provide you with step-by-step guidance, thereby making informed decisions towards buying or selling your construction business. We take pride in being the preferred choice for entrepreneurs when they want to buy or sell construction businesses in Ontario, Canada— after all, there is no replacement for a track record of proven success and rich experience.


Selling a Construction Business

At N3 Business Advisors, we understand that every entrepreneur who decides to put their construction business for sale wants to get the best possible price in the fastest time. And that is precisely what we do. When you hire us, selling your construction business becomes our top priority.

We first closely work with our team of valuation specialists and commercial realtors to get a clear understanding of how much your business is worth? When it comes to how to value a construction business, our experienced valuation specialists will take care of it all, making the process stress-free. In addition to this, we also have a network of construction equipment appraiser who can inspect and evaluate construction equipment such as bulldozers, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, motor-graders, concrete pumps, mobile cranes, etc. This will provide the right value of the business and machinery for sale.  Based on your construction business's worth, our brokers will strive to get you the best value.

Leveraging on our widespread and growing network of buyers and marketing skills, we will help you avoid the common pitfalls of selling a business and take advantage of your business's best features to maximize its sales value.

Buying a Construction Business

Indeed buying a construction business is one of the biggest decisions and investments you will ever make. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you do it right. That's where our skill-set can come in handy. At N3 Business Advisors, we work as a natural extension of your team, helping you take all the necessary steps to make an informed buying decision—but we do all this while taking away the hassle and stress.

From identifying your strengths and financial capabilities to buy a construction business to helping you arrange finances and funds (if needed), doing the legwork with due diligence, making an offer and negotiating terms, we assist you with them all. We strive to help you make the right business purchase with confidence.

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